Crécy: The Age of the Archer

I came across Sir John Hawkwood whilst researching something else. I made a note of his name and when I had a quiet moment between novels I started to research… Read more

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Bloody Badajoz

I have just finished the latest Napoleonic Horseman book, Bloody Badajoz. As my regular readers will know I am working my way through the Peninsular War and it is now… Read more


Who would have thought, just a few months ago that the world would be on lockdown? I hope you are all keeping safe. For a writer, self-isolation can be considered… Read more

El Campeador

This is the second book in the series about El Cid. I have researched the actual story and not the Charlton Heston epic. This novel covers the murder of King… Read more

The Bear and the Wolf

The New World Series should have been three books but it turned into four and, for those who read this novel, you will see that the door is open for… Read more

Tales from the Sword

This is a series of stories culled from the pages of the notes from my novels. There is Wolf Killer from the Dragonheart books. I killed off Wolf Killer too… Read more

Sentinel of the North

The latest book in the Border Knight series is published on the 20th of January 2020. The focus of the Border Knight series shifts from Sir Thomas, who has been… Read more


Amazon lost my book Talavera- it was still live as far as I was concerned but no one could buy it. I have republished today. The ASIN number will be… Read more

The Road to Agincourt

The Road to Agincourt will be published on Boxing Day (26th December). This is the story of a young Prince Henry who is learning to be a leader. After the… Read more

The Lines of Torres Vedras

Today I publish my latest Napoleonic book in both e-book and paperback.  I really enjoy writing this series as I was always fascinated by the Napoleonic wars. I enjoyed wargaming… Read more

El Cid

El Cid is a legend I first encountered with the classic 1960’s movie featuring Charleston Heston, El Cid. It sparked my interest as a child but I have read little… Read more