Roman Treachery

Trajan’s Hunters

Hero of Rome

Ulpius Felix

Roman Retreat

Druid’s Gold

Revolt of the Red Witch


As of today, 23rd November, all of the Anarchy, Dragonheart British Ace and Combined Operations series are available in paperback. My new book, Blood on the Blade is the first… Read more

Blood on the Blade

I have just started a new series. I have always been fascinated by the Vikings in America and this is my take on the adventure. There will be three books… Read more

To Murder a King

This is book 2 in the Struggle for a Crown series. This is a fascinating series to research. Some of the stories, like Robert de Vere’s escape from the Battle… Read more

Vikings in America

Today I begin a new series. I have been interested for some time about the Vikings in America. The old stories about them going to Newfoundland and bringing back vines… Read more


I though I had finished with Combined Operations but a mixture of reader interest and a fascination with a war which started when I was six months old meant I… Read more