The Lines of Torres Vedras

Today I publish my latest Napoleonic book in both e-book and paperback.  I really enjoy writing this series as I was always fascinated by the Napoleonic wars. I enjoyed wargaming… Read more

El Cid

El Cid is a legend I first encountered with the classic 1950’s movie featuring Charleston Heston, El Cid. It sparked my interest as a child but I have read little… Read more

Castilian Knight

On October 20th I publish the first in my Reconquista series, Castilian Knight. I am excited about this project as the film, made int he 1960s with Charlton Heston in… Read more

The Savage Wilderness

The latest book int he New World series is published on the 21st of September. Originally I planned this as a three-book series but the characters refused to allow that… Read more

Andrew Noakes’ Blog- Top tips on writing historical fiction

I was asked to give tips for aspiring writers. here is the website. Top tips on writing historical fiction from 64 successful historical novelists

Baron’s Crusade

Baron’s Crusade is available to buy from September 1st. This book links with the new book in the Lord Edward’s Archer series to be published by Endeavour Quill later in… Read more

August update

Having so many ideas in my head I rarely get to take a break and so I thought I would give an update on my summer projects. I am just… Read more

Korean Winter

The last book in the Combined Operations Series, Korean Winter, will be published on 9th August. I managed to squeeze two more books out of a WW2 series but this… Read more

1808: The Road to Corunna

I have had new covers designed for my Napoleonic series.  

Soldier Spy

I have had new covers designed for this series.

British Light Dragoon

I have had new covers produced for this series.

Napoleon’s Guard

I have had new covers designed for my Napoleonic Horseman series.