Viking Bravery

This is the last in what is, up to now, my longest series. It was a hard book to write and I know that many of my readers are sad… Read more


I have just published the latest in the Napoleonic Horseman series. Talavera is set against the backdrop of the campaign to free Portugal and Spain from Bonaparte’s grip. The storming… Read more

Last Book in the Dragonheart Series

I am just putting the finishing touches to Viking Bravery, the last book in the Dragonheart series. The book will be published in June. it was a hard book to… Read more

The Duke and the King

This is the last book in the Norman Genesis Series. When I began the series I wanted to get as far as Rollo and I have done that. I may… Read more

The Bloody Border

The latest book in the Border Knight series is written from the perspective of Sir Thomas and his son. Sir William has to defend a small motte and bailey castle… Read more

Across the Seas

Today I publish the second book in the New World series. Since I began the research for this book I have discovered that it is quite likely that the Vikings… Read more

New World Series

My next book to be published will be Across the Seas. It is book 2 in the New World Series. The Clan of the Fox leaves Iceland to seek a… Read more

The Throne

The Throne is the latest instalment in the Struggle for a Crown series. This novel takes up to the end of King Richard’s reign. I don’t like to give away… Read more

Viking Clan

Dragonheart is getting old but he is not dead yet. Others may die around him but there is something inside him which drives him on. Perhaps it is the power… Read more

Henry III

I have finally finished editing my latest Border Knight novel.  Sir Thomas has more adventures to come. This one takes him from London to Gascony and Scotland to wales. It… Read more

One Million Books!

As of today, December 2nd Sword books has sold over one million books. When I began writing, seven years ago I could not have dreamed that I would have so… Read more

Northern Knight