Viking Jarl

Viking Jarl is available in audio format from the 28th of April. Thank you W F Howes for such sterling work. There will be more to come for those who… Read more

The Great Cause

My next Lume book will be published on April 28th 2022. The Great Cause (Lord Edward’s Archer series Book 5) eBook : Hosker, Griff: Kindle Store Click here for… Read more

Blood of the Warlord

Two of my series are now almost concurrent. Border Knight has arrived at the time of King Edward 1st when he was Lord Edward. This story finds the northern knights… Read more

Top Series

During a reflective moment after finishing my last book and before beginning Leader of Men, the new John Hawkwood book I did some number crunching. I worked out the average… Read more

Tudor Warrior

Merry Christmas one and all. Thank you for continuing to read my books! It makes it a joy to rise each day at six and begin writing. I am well… Read more

The Perfect Knight

Many of my readers have been badgering me, since I finished Earl Marshal, to complete the story of the family. As you know I began Sword for Hire at the… Read more


On November 19th I will publish a brand new series. Set at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Americas, I have written it from the viewpoint of a… Read more

Targets of Treachery

The Last Knight

The war in France is not yet lost but with a child king on the throne it is left to knights such as the Earl of Salisbury, Sir John Falstolf… Read more

The White Company

This is the third book in the John Hawkwood series. The man is a complicated character and is not as immediately likeable as characters like Sir Aelfred, William Strongstaff or… Read more


I first wrote this novel in 2015 to commemorate the bicentennial. In hindsight this was a mistake as my protagonists, at that time, still had 8 years of war ahead… Read more

Erik the Navigator

The pressure from readers was too great and I have written another story about Erik and his bride, Laughing Deer. I always planned on writing one but I hoped to… Read more