Viking Weregeld

The Dragonheart is getting older but he is still able to defeat those who threaten him and his family. This is another instalment in the Dragonheart series.  Like the sixteen… Read more

British Ace book

A Bill Harsker book which follows him as he takes his place in the post Great War Royal Air Force. based on actual campaigns it shows how the R.A.F. created… Read more


I now have seven books out in paperback: Commando, 1914, Viking Slave, Housecarl, Saxon Dawn, English Knight and Hrolf the Viking. They are available through Amazon at the moment.  If… Read more

King Tiger

  My new book sends Tom Harsker and his men towards the front to help train the British and American troops in the Ardennes.  When Adolf Hitler launches his offensive… Read more

The Land of the Northmen

Book number 5 in the Norman Genesis is published today.  Time has moved on and the Vikings are taking more land from the Franks. The series has more than eighty… Read more

World War II

I have just published my new Combined Operations Book: The Battle for Antwerp.  It is based around the Commando attack on the island of Walcheren in 1944. It was known… Read more

Paperback updates

Here are the links for my first two paperbacks.

Revenge of the Franks

I have just published The Revenge of the Franks. It is set in Normandy when Hrolf and the clan are trying to establish their new home.  They meet fellow minded… Read more


I do not know whether to be flattered or annoyed but someone has published a Kindle book with the title Viking Slave  – it is set in the ninth century… Read more

Viking Slave

I am just starting to publish all of my books in paperback.  The first is Viking Slave. The next will be English Knight and that should be available in a… Read more

Viking Witch

This is the fifteenth book in the series.  Ylva, the granddaughter of the Dragonheart is almost a woman. Taken to Syllingar she is placed under a spell by Skald, the… Read more


I have just finished Kingmaker.  It is the latest in the Anarchy series.  It has been fascinating researching this book.  The facts I discovered were even stranger than the fiction… Read more