December Giveaway

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a copy of  ‘Soldier of the Queen’ on audiobook, head over to @swordbooksltd on X (formerly Twitter) or the… Read more

My recent visit to Unity Academy

I was invited to visit Unity Academy in Middlesbrough to speak with and inspire the pupils there. All the children I spoke to were lovely and a credit to their… Read more


I will publish Book #3 in the Soldier of the Queen series on the 8th of December. The story continues the story of Jack Roberts who has risen to the… Read more

Lord Edward’s Archer returns in The Hunt

My next book is another instalment in the Lord Edward series. It follows Wallace’s War, and the two books reflect the film’s content, Braveheart. The difference is that my books… Read more


My next Sir John Hawkwood book will be published on 7th September 2023. Sir John Hawkwood is not getting any younger but he is now the supreme condottiero, not only… Read more

The Orchid Hour by Nancy Bilyeau

What a delight of a book. It blooms into life from the first page. From the moment you open the book and start to read you are emersed in the… Read more

HNS North America Conference 2023

Well, I am back from another successful and enjoyable Historical Writers Conference. I got to meet up with old friends from previous HNS North America conferences and met some new… Read more

May Napoleonic Offer

On the 12th of May, 1803 the Peace of Amiens ended and the war between France and England resumed. This was the start of Sir Arthur Wellesley’s climb to the… Read more

May Viking Offer

For a limited time only, get The Vengeance Trail (Kindle edition) now for £1.99 in the UK, $2.99 in the US. The Vengeance Trail is the last story from the… Read more

Hastings Video Blog

As I was excited to have written a brand new series, and in particular to have written about the battle of Hastings, I made a video about it. The book… Read more

The Reconquista

I just had a week in the Algarve and visited Silves Castle and Lagos. Both were Moorish until the Portuguese and Spanish reconquered them. The castle was fantastic. For those… Read more


On the 26th of May I will be publishing the first book in a new series. Conquest is the story of the Norman Conquest of England, Scotland and Wales. I… Read more