Publication Dates, Audio Books and list of Paperbacks

April 19th 2018 Drekar in the Seine

May 12th 2018 Magna Carta

May 31st 2018 Saxon Sword

June 27th 2018 Blood on the Crown

July 9th 2018 Viking Legacy

August 1st Earl Marshal

August 20th 2018 Duke of Normandy

September 18th 2018 Weksh Wars

October 10th 2018 Korea

October 26th 2018 To Murder a King

November 19th 2018 Blood on the Blade

December 8th 2018 King Henry III

January 1st 2019 Viking Clan

January 28th 2019 Lord Edward’s Archer

February 11th 2019 The Throne

March 2nd  2019 Across the Seas

March 31st 2019 The Bloody Border

April 21st 2019 The Duke and the King

May 26th 2019 Talavera

June 17th 2019 Viking Bravery

July 8th 2019 King Henry IVth

August 9th 2019 Korean Winter

September 1st 2019 Baron’s Crusade

September 21st 2019 The Savage Wilderness

October 20th 2019 Castilian Knight

November 9th 2019 The Lines of Torres Vedras

December 5th 2019 King in Waiting

December 26th 2019 The Road to Agincourt

January 20th 2020 Sentinel of the North

February 20th 2020 Tales from the Sword

March 5th 2020 The Bear and the Wolf

March 26th 2020 El Campeador

April 24th 2020 Bloody Badajoz

May 22nd 2020 Crecy: the age of the archer

June 26th 2020 St Crispin’s Day

July 24th 2020 War in the West

August 28th 2020 The Lord of Valencia

September 25th 2020

November 2nd 2020 An Archer’s Crusade

30th November The Road to France

26th December Man at Arms: The Battle of Poitiers

21st January 2021 The Battle for France

14th February 2021 Tales from the Sword

19th March 2021 The Dragon Sword

16th April 2021 Debt of Honour

15th May 2021 Erik the Navigator

29th May Audio Book- The Battle for France!

June18th 2021

Waterloo (Napoleonic Horseman series)

July 17th

The White Company (Sir John Hawkwood)

July 26th

Targets of Treachery

Medieval archer dressed in black with a bow shooting an arrow. Vertical image with black background. History concept.











List of paperbacks available as of 30th May 2021

These can be purchased from Amazon or ordered through good booksellers.

Ulpius Felix- Roman Warrior
The Sword of Cartimandua
The Horse Warriors
Invasion Caledonia
Roman Retreat
Revolt of the Red Witch
Druid’s Gold
Trajan’s Hunters
The Last Frontier
Hero of Rome
Roman Hawk
Roman Treachery
Roman Wall
Roman Courage

Saxon Dawn
Saxon Revenge
Saxon England
Saxon Blood
Saxon Slayer
Saxon Slaughter
Saxon Bane
Saxon Fall: Rise of the Warlord
Saxon Throne
Saxon Sword

Viking Slave
Viking Warrior
Viking Jarl
Viking Kingdom
Viking Wolf
Viking War
Viking Sword
Viking Wrath
Viking Raid
Viking Legend
Viking Vengeance
Viking Dragon
Viking Treasure
Viking Enemy
Viking Witch
Viking Blood
Viking Weregeld
Viking Storm
Viking Warband
Viking Shadow
Viking Legacy
Viking Clan
Viking Bravery

Hrolf the Viking
The Battle for a Home
Revenge of the Franks
The Land of the Northmen
Ragnvald Hrolfsson
Brothers in Blood
Lord of Rouen
Drekar in the Seine
Duke of Normandy
The Duke and the King

Blood on the Blade
Across the Seas
The Savage Wilderness
The Bear and the Wolf
Erik the Navigator

The Vengeance Trail

The Dragon Sword

Castilian Knight
El Campeador
The Lord of Valencia


English Knight
Knight of the Empress
Northern Knight
Baron of the North
King Henry’s Champion
The King is Dead
Warlord of the North
Enemy at the Gate
The Fallen Crown
Warlord’s War
Henry II
The Welsh Marches
Irish War
Poisonous Plots
The Princes’ Revolt
Earl Marshal

Sword for Hire
Return of the Knight
Baron’s War
Magna Carta
Welsh Wars
Henry III
The Bloody Border
Baron’s Crusade
Sentinel of the North
War in the West
Debt of Honour

Crécy: The Age of the Archer
Man at Arms
The White Company

Lord Edward’s Archer
King in Waiting
An Archer’s Crusade
Targets of Treachery

Blood on the Crown
To Murder A King
The Throne
King Henry IV
The Road to Agincourt
St Crispin’s Day
The Battle for France

Tales from the Sword I

Chasseur à Cheval
Napoleon’s Guard
British Light Dragoon
Soldier Spy
1808: The Road to Coruña
The Lines of Torres Vedras
Bloody Badajoz
The Road to France

Rebel Raiders
Confederate Rangers
The Road to Gettysburg

1915 Fokker Scourge
1916 Angels over the Somme
1917 Eagles Fall
1918 We will remember them
From Arctic Snow to Desert Sand
Wings over Persia

Behind Enemy Lines
Toehold in Europe
Sword Beach
The Battle for Antwerp
King Tiger
Beyond the Rhine
Korean Winter

Tales from the Sword Book 2

List of Audio Books Available as of May 30th 2021

  • Crécy: The Age of the Archer
  • Man at arms: The Battle of Poitiers
  • Lord Edward’s Archer
  • King in Waiting
  • An Archer’s Crusade
  • Blood on the Blade
  • Across the Seas
  • The Savage Wilderness
  • The Bear and the Wolf
  • The Vengeance Trail
  • Blood on the Crown
  • To Murder a King
  • The Throne
  • King Henry IV
  • The Road to Agincourt
  • St Crispin’s Day
  • The Battle for France
  • El Cid: Castilian Knight
  • El Campeador
  • El Cid: The Lord of Valencia
  • Commando
The latest audio books to be published are:
27.05.21 The Battle for France
20.05.21 Man At Arms
22.04.21 The Vengeance Trail
07.04.21 El Cid: The Lord of Valencia
9.07.21 Targets of Treachery
29.07.21 Erik the Navigator
17.06.21 The Dragon Sword