The last book in the Tudor Warrior Series will be published on 27th April 2023. James of Ecclestone is now a rich man, a family man and a respected landowner…. Read more

Historical Novel Society North America Conference 2023

I am really excited to be going back to the Historical Writers Conference. This year it is in San Antonio, Texas, one of my favourite American cities. I will be… Read more

My first book of 2023 is the next instalment of Sir John Hawkwood

The real life story of an English warrior who fought at Crecy and Poitiers and went on to become one of the most famous conditierre not only in Italy but… Read more

New Lord Edward’s Archer book: Wallace’s War

This is the first Lord Edward’s Archer published by Sword Books as opposed to Lume/Endeavour and I am very excited about the move. The story is about William Wallace and… Read more

New Inca Book: The English Adventurer

I loved writing this book. It gave me the chance to look at the meeting of two worlds- Europe and the Incan Empire. I was also fascinated by the conquest… Read more

September Release: Tudor Spy

Tudor Spy is the second book in a trilogy about the billmen who fought for King Henry VIII. It is centred around a young billman, James of Ecclestone. The third… Read more


This is a post I should have written some time ago- apologies. A few years ago readers began to send me emails asking me to produce books on the Apple… Read more

Coming in July. New Series.

Just a couple of weeks until Soldier of the Queen is released. Soldier of the Queen will follow the lives of a family of soldiers who start to serve England… Read more

Number 1!

My latest Sir John Hawkwood book was published today and is 108 in the kindle charts. I have never been as high. Best Sellers Rank: 108 in Kindle Store (See… Read more

How to write a novel!

In case I have not written about this before let me do so now. I developed my writing method back in 2010 and it still works, at least it does… Read more

Sir John Hawkwood Book 4

The new Sir John Hawkwood book, Leader of Men, will be published on 26th of May. Betrayal by friend and foe alike beset Sir John Hawkwood as he enters the… Read more

Top Ten Titles

In response to a request from some readers here are the top ten books read in April.  Of course, I dare say, my new book, The Great Cause, will join… Read more