Endeavour Press

I was commissioned, in August, to write a novel for Endeavour Press. It is called King Edward’s Archer and is set when Edward 1st was still a prince. This will… Read more

Viking novels and heroes!

Following the publication of Brothers in Blood I have had a number of e-mails. Some of my readers fear that the Dragonheart must be dead as Hrolf the Horseman is past… Read more

New Norman Genesis

Today I published my latest book in the Norman Genesis Series. We are now at the stage where the 1st Duke of Normandy makes an appearance.  Rollo, (aka Göngu-Hrólfr) becomes separated… Read more

Anarchy Series

I have just published my latest Anarchy Series book. This is the story of how Richard de Clare, Count of Striguil, aided by the Warlord took three hundred knights and… Read more

New Viking Books

The latest Viking book is finished.  I managed to get it done really quickly.  I think it was the story line.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.  I normally do enjoy… Read more

Winchester Star

When I was in Virginia one of my readers and very good friend, Rich Sankovich arranged for me to be interviewed by the local newspaper, The Winchester Star. I have… Read more

The Welsh Marches

The latest book in the Anarchy series has just been published. Although called the Welsh Marches the novel also deals with the Scottish raids just after King Henry ascended the… Read more

Book number 90!!!!

I have just published book number 90.  It is in the Norman Genesis Series.  We are getting closer to the first Duke of Normandy.  His father is Ragnvald Hrolfsson. I… Read more

Fantastic fiction For those who want to find all of my books on one page in order then click on the link above.

Beyond the Rhine

We have reached the end of the war.  Tom and his team are in Germany.  Although the Germans are almost defeated their V-2 rockets continue to cause indiscriminate damage to… Read more

Book Figures

Last week my Crusader book  reached #2 on the Amazon Hot Fiction charts.  It got me thinking about the sales of my books. Sword of Cartimandua Series -62,574 books sold… Read more

New Viking novel

The Dragonheart is getting older but he is still able to defeat those who threaten him and his family. This is another instalment in the Dragonheart series.  Like the sixteen… Read more

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