The King is Dead

I have just published my latest in the Anarchy Series. The King is Dead.  It is Book 7 in the series.  It is about the death of King Henry 1st and… Read more


  Commando is now available as an audio book from Amazon.  It is available as MP3 file or an audio CD.

Viking Vengeance

Viking Vengeance published today.  Dragonheart’s land is raided by Wessex and he makes war on King Egbert. I am now working on The King is Dead, the next book in… Read more

New books!

  I am finally trying to update my new website- I am really pleased with it but writing always seems to take a priority! I have three new books out:… Read more

Wargames Illustrated

There will be an article in Wargames Illustrated, January Edition, about Viking Jarl.  Ron Ringrose created a war game based upon one of the battles in the book.  Check it out-… Read more

Anarchy 6- new release!

I have just published book 6, King Henry’s Champion.  It takes our hero to the brink of Civil War!

Thank you for reading my books!

Thank you for buying my books – thanks to you I am in the top 30 Historical Fiction Writers on Amazon and Northern Knight reached the dizzy heights of 19… Read more


This is the opening of my latest project- Billy and George, the story of two young men in World War Two and the effect the death of one has on… Read more