August Blog

I have had some requests for information about my books.This is Scout- my daughter’s dog.  She has appeared in a number of books.  She is in the Saxon series and… Read more

Viking Enemy

I have just published Book 14 in the Dragonheart series. Now that his son is dead Jarl Dragonheart fears for his family even more and when enemies come from north,… Read more

Warlord’s War

I am publishing book 75 today.  it is in the Anarchy series and charts the darkest days of the fight against King Stephen.  The book covers the rout of Winchester… Read more


I have just published Book 2 in the Norman Genesis series.  As readers will realize, Hrolf, the hero of the series is not the warrior, Rollo, who eventually founds Normandy but… Read more

Viking Treasure

I have just published book 13 in the Dragonheart series.  It mirrors some of the events in Hrolf the Viking.  It is fast moving with sea battles, land battles and… Read more


This is the work of Simon Walpole. He illustrates some of my books. This is the link to his website:

Norman Genesis

I have just begun work on a new series about the rise of the Normans.  It begins in the ninth century and features Hrolf who appeared in Viking Vengeance.  he… Read more


I now have a Twitter account. Follow me on Twitter @HoskerGriff Entering the 21st Century- scary!

New Zealand

Just an advance heads up- I will be in New Zealand for most of October 2016.  I am trying to see both islands! If you see a Brit in a… Read more


My latest book.  It is a special book for me as my dad was on the Dieppe raid.  He was a sailor and served with Number 4 Commando.  He took… Read more

Wargames Illustrated

Thank you to the readers of Wargames Illustrated who have commented n the article I wrote for the January Edition of the magazine. I enjoyed writing the article and the… Read more


Apologies to all those who contacted me and have been awaiting a reply! Technically I am fairly incompetent! I have just worked out how to reply.  I have attached another… Read more