The new royal baby!

In 1216 Prince Louis of France was proclaimed King of England in Old St. Paul’s Cathedral by the barons rebelling against King John. He was never crowned! Spooky that I… Read more

Drekar on the Seine

The Norman Genesis series is drawing to a conclusion. My latest novel is based around the build up to the raid on Paris in 885.  It was not successful in… Read more

The Princes’ Revolt

The Anarchy series is coming to an end.  The Warlord is almost seventy years old and is no longer a young man.  Treachery is all around him and yet the… Read more

Viking Warband

My latest Dragonheart book is now available. he is getting old but he is still just as hard to kill.  I am aware that many readers worry that Dragonheart is… Read more


I know that many readers wonder that Dragonheart is still alive.  He is old.   He has lived longer than he should and yet the sword that was touched by the… Read more

Baron’s War

My series set in King John’s England is now published. When I began researching the book I wondered if King John was quite as bad as his press.  He was… Read more


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Wargames Illustrated

Once again Ron Ringrose and his Essex Wargamers have honoured me by making one of my fictional battles into a wargame.  I went down to Ron’s house to watch the… Read more

Poisonous Plots

This is my latest book.  The Warlord is getting older.  His men are aging and yet their enemies proliferate. In my research I came across some interesting facts and I… Read more

Roman Courage

My first book, when I first started writing, all those years ago was the Sword of Cartimandua. Book 100 is the last in the series, Roman Courage. It was a… Read more

Return of the Knight

The second book of my series, Border Knight is now available. I have used more actual facts in this book and series than any other. The story of Prince Arthur… Read more

Endeavour Press

I was commissioned, in August, to write a novel for Endeavour Press. It is called King Edward’s Archer and is set when Edward 1st was still a prince. This will… Read more